Brake better, drive faster

Enhance the braking precision of your T3PA(-pro) pedal set.

Easy installation Works on all platforms Worldwide shipping

Loadcellmod for T3PA

43 reviews

€ 69.95

Loadcellmod for T3PA-pro

11 reviews

Sold out temporarily

Loadcellmod for T3PA (10kg)

2 reviews

€ 69.95

About the loadcellmod

This mod makes your brake pedal pressure sensitive.

Easy installation

On and off in a few minutes. No pedal warranty voided.

Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide to your doorstep, with tracking link.

Why a load cell?

The loadcellmod transforms your brake into a pressure sensitive pedal, like a real car. This means you can use your 'muscle memory', resulting in more braking precision. This leads to more consistency in your laps and, in most cases, faster lap times.

Enhance your sim racing experience now!


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